Tiny habits to help you make effective behavior change. 

The tiny habits method is based on 20 years of research at Stanford by Dr. Fogg and his team. Why do we need science to make behavior transformation? Because we act on biology not will power. We didn’t evolve to make rational choices about food, sleep, and exercise in a world of abundance and comfort. This method has shown the most effective behavior change results of any program through helping over 60,000 people form new habits in their life. There are two maxims that summarize what makes the method so effective. 

  1. “Help people do what they already want to do.” This maxim engages people in the process by only creating change in behaviors in your life that you think should be different. Behavior change that is meaningful to you! 

  2.  “Help people feel successful.” Emotions create habits. Learning to attach dopamine release to the step by step process instead of the end result. Removing our subconscious fears about failure and feeling good when we make positive behavior change. 

    Tiny Habits makes lasting behavior change instead of relying on your motivation and negative self-talk. The difference maker to accomplishing our goals and aspirations is almost always consistency. Eating, exercising, and a good night’s rest once can be beneficial, but doing it every day is transformational. You will experience a shift in your identity and begin to see change in every aspect of your life. You will achieve healthy and effective behavior change with the tiny habits method.

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